Monday, April 20, 2009

Growing, Thoughts & Deliberation

Here at the farm, because it is a bit cooler climate and I really enjoy growing, and eating, heat loving veggies such as eggplant and peppers, to name a few, we utilize unheated hoop houses--plastic covered structures. They create micro-climates which are stress free. It is warmer, no wind, no hard rain, hail or freezing rain. We can start plants inside the hoop house and keep them going many weeks longer than outside, exposed to the elements. Hoop house use is a low tek method which results in awesome plant growth. The climate inside the hoop house is equivalent to growing in Northern Jersey, approximately. All we have to do is trap some heat, there is already plenty of sunlight for growth. Inside our large house we grow our heirloom tomatoes which climb and grow over ten feet due to the mild climate. Simple methods; superior results. For a slightly higher tek approach we can ad new lightweight covers made out of various fibers inside the hoop house to cover the crops with in the case of a very cold night in Spring or Fall.

Growing high quality food takes a lot of hand labor. Some machines in agriculture cannot replicate what a human can do or perform only a poor fascimile. If you want to eat an heirloom hericot vert for example, the only way to pick it as it should be picked, quite young and slender, is by hand; it is a very slow and labor-intensive process. But, eat some of them fresh and you see why it is so worth it. Plus, I really like having people connecting with the plants and, if you are so inclined with such a belief system, believe there is an energy exchange if you will, between plant and person. Growing food is involving oneself with living proceses, not an inanimate material. I feel the more the human being is involved in the process, the better for the land, the animals and the plants. However, every farmer obviously chooses just how much hand labor to use on the farm and how much machinery. This brings me to what I have been thinking about for a bit.

What makes my views about farming, or anything else for that matter, more important or relevant, than an other person's views? Perhaps very little. And, in fact, I am glad other focally centered points of view are perhpas just as important as my own. This applies to all areas of life. The diversity of views, beliefs, is what makes this world so rich. And yet, all too often, this country strangles itself with abject rediculousness. How on this incredible planet which has basically been given to us for our very existence, does a President of the strongest state perhaps in all of history, allow stem cell tech to basicall shut down; for eight years mind you? Even when all extenuating circumstances have been accounted for, where is justification created for establishing a micro Dark Age whereby the astounding but yet somewhat expected growth of stem cell use for a host of life saving and healing modalities is put on hold? I have tried to but simply cannot imagine "W" was an evil person trying to affectively prevent stem cell tek growth. I am sure there is a very good reason, according to his ideological belief system, why he smacked it down. But, was it the best decision that could have been made? The ancient Greeks in and around the 4th century B.C. would not allow most people to be involved in their Democracy. Choosing, deciding, deliberating was to be done by the educated, which is perhaps not a bad idea. If one did not have the ability to read or debate or think, for whatever reason, then one would be limited, or so the ancients thought,in the ability to deliberate on a matter with any depth. The country needs thinkers thinking. Who would of thunk it? Whatever "W' was or was not, he most certainly did not deliberate on matters, as we most now clearly know via newly published books, media reports, etc.

Thinking, thoughts, ideas, knowledge, as related to farming as well as government, has been getting crushed by one side of human thought. Even with the new guy in the oval office, how much will he really change things? Will things be better? Absolutely. As good as they could and be? Right...

I think we limit our species, as well as ourself, much like a fractal limits itself by itself. The farm, as does the larger world outside of the farm, requires a great deal of thinking. Both follow the maccinations of the mind. Think grand and noble thoughts and make a noble world. Think base thoughts, old thoughts, small thoughts and be such. I hope I wasn't being too abstract, insane or innane.

It's all our decision. Please deliberate.

For what it's worth, here is some rock-ish type blues with real soul, for you to listen to and watch.

Change is in the air, yo!
Peace Out


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