Thursday, February 19, 2009

And it begins

It is, perhaps, appropriate the first blog posted is quite a bit after the fact of the beginning of the farm; almost three years. Remember, Hegel always said, "the owl of minerva arrives at midnight." One cannot be sure of what is or will be until dusk.
Status of the universe at present time: February 19th, 2009: dire economic conditions; New President (the first Black man I might add). Scientists get the nod to use stem cells, once again, after the dark ages; thank you George Bush,(those eight years are over already?) you were marvelous, really.

Where the heck are we: Jordanville, NY 1,700 feet altitude. Top of a foothill with crazy amounts of wind. Absolutely gorgeous. Sunrises here are as pretty as the sunsets.

What is not here :( Starbucks, bagels, salt water, fresh seafood, a selection of good restaurants (we do have a few top notch though). Fresh sushi? Right. Population problem.

What is missed most about Westchester? DSL :)

One thing one quickly learns when dealing with nature: if you do not perform a task correctly, nature will help you to re-do the lesson you just missed.

Stay tuned for more shortly.


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